Physical Therapy Centers
Donna Rendleman demonstrates the Biometrics workout for her clients at Health Facilities Rehab.

Biometrics Delivers Profitability:

• Increase revenues substantially
• Provide service beyond therapy
• Enhanced personal training revenue

Biometrics is Easy to Sell:

• Impressive marketing materials
• Follows AHA, ADA & ACSM guidelines
• High referral rate

Biometrics is Easy to Implement:

• Complete "how-to" guidelines
• Free 2-day training program (optional)
• Toll-free support

Biometrics has brought many referrals to our physical, occupational, and speech therapy facility. On many occasions, our Biometrics clients seize the opportunity to have a physical therapy consultation, and our therapy patients see other clients losing inches on Biometrics and inquire about the program. It is great to offer such a positive and reputable program at our facility.

—Karen Beck, Program Director,
Health Facilities Rehab. (Sikeston, MO)


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